SUSA Builds Bridges

Summer In The USA is a one-month English immersion and cultural exchange experience. Each July host families and churches welcome Basque teens into an environment of love and acceptance that builds bridges of trust. Through these relationships Basque youth are given hope for the present and for their future.

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SUSA Gives Hope

By traveling abroad and being welcomed into another culture, young people have the opportunity to gain confidence in their unique abilities, understand and appreciate other cultures, and gain a clearer vision for the person they were created to be and the life they want to live. For more information about our Mission, Vision and Values please contact us.

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Professionally:  In Spain at large, more than 40% of university graduates cannot find a job and the competition is fierce for the jobs that do exist.  For this reason and others, a command of the English language has become a highly sought after tool for young professionals seeking to compete in the global marketplace.  Participation in an immersion experience like Summer In The USA (SUSA) significantly increases a student’s desire and confidence to become fluent in English and their ability to land a job.

Personally: Language learning is a social activity; and for that reason we base everything around people.  Summer In The USA started with a friendship between a Basque family and an American family.  We’ve grown in size since that first relationship, but we work hard to insure that relationships remain the foundation of our program.  These relationships provide the ideal environment for interpersonal growth and maturity.

Culturally:  American pop culture has influenced the modern world more than arguably any country in the world.  Levis Jeans, Michael Jackson, Hollywood; these American icons are the stuff of legend and part of the patchwork quilt that is American culture.  But America is much more than a sum of its stereotypes.  As the United States has grown, it’s developed into a very diverse range of cultural expressions.  Summer In The USA gives students a full month to experience firsthand the richness of American life and culture.

Spiritually:  All cultures look for ways to explain the basic questions of existence like the origin of the universe and the purpose of life.  All people have a longing to be unconditionally loved and to know that they have intrinsic value.  These types of philosophical questions and needs often can’t be explored in strictly material terms.  While times have changed, American culture today retains many of the values that stem from the teachings of Jesus and a significant percent of the population still have a strong Biblical faith.  Summer In The USA gives students an opportunity to explore these topics in a safe and non-judgmental environment.


  • Learn English

    The best way to gain fluency in a language is to speak it! In place of classroom instruction we encourage students to practice English with their American family and friends throughout the month in everyday life.

  • Have Fun

    While you are staying with your American family, our coordinators provide fun activities such as water activities, hiking, shopping, a big city visit, sports, movie night, … For many students the most exciting thing is to learn English while they are having a lot of fun living the American life!

  • Make Friends

    To make sure your experience is the best it can be, local people from different ages join you in activities throughout the month. It is a great opportunity to mix with American people and become friends for life.

  • Become Family

    We place students with families we know and trust. They are interested in getting to know you and your culture and their desire is that you will feel a part of their family. You get to go where they go, do what they do and eventually speak how they speak!


Our Programs and Initiatives:

  • Student Exchange
    • Each summer over 100 high school students participate in our 4-week Summer In The USA English immersion and cultural exchange program.
    • We provide safe and judgment free environments where youth can explore questions about life and faith.
  • Leadership Development
    • Every year university students serve as volunteer leaders through our summer internship program.
    • At our office in Spain we provide full-time positions and professional mentoring for young adults and university graduates, as well as part-time practicums for local university business students.
    • We provide volunteer leadership opportunities for high school students to nurture their personal and professional skills.
  • Community Impact
    • We build international relationships of trust in the Basque community through our connections with students, parents, teachers, schools, businesses and local government.
    • We partner with Basque schools to offer conversation English practice with native speakers.

Our values:

  • Build relational bridges of trust and empathy between cultures
  • Enable Americans to leverage their resources to bless other nations and cultures
  • Support students’ academic and personal development
  • Create relational, fun learning environments
  • Promote the health and success of families
  • Support Basque teachers and schools
  • Promote lifelong friendships
  • Develop awareness and appreciation for Basque, Spanish, and English languages and cultures