Host a Student from the Basque Country with SUSA

We believe the simple act of welcoming students into our homes is a powerful way to allow God’s love to flow through our lives. You can show this life changing hospitality by inviting a Basque student to be part of your family for the month of July.  Our program started with a family who went out of their way to share their lives and love with a Basque teen.  You can do the same!

My family is interested in hosting a student

My church wants to host a group of students

How is the SUSA program organized?

Volunteer teams of 8-10 host families are supervised and supported by a local coordinator. The Basque students spend their days with their host families and in various organized group activities. During the third week of July most students attend camp (some students elect not to attend camp).

The flow of the month:

  • Week 1: Establish the relationship with your student.
  • Week 2: Enjoy the structure of organized group activities.
  • Week 3: Family time/activities/getaways or week of camp (if student has selected this program)
  • Week 4: A final week to cement relationships and process the experience.

Host Family Characteristics:

  1. A love for others: Host families desire to share love with others.
  2. A gracious attitude: The ability to graciously listen to different opinions and lovingly accept a broad range of people.
  3. A hospitable heart: The effort to invite others in and make them feel welcome through conversation and togetherness.
  4. A global mindset: Host families desire to sacrifice their time and skills for the sake of other people.  The experience isn’t viewed as a one-time cross-cultural experience but what hopefully will become a long-term relationship with a Basque student and his/her extended family.
  5.  A recommendation:  Host families need to be recommended by a leader from a hosting church with whom they have an established relationship.


  1.  Room and board. It’s common for students to share a room with American siblings.
  2.  Supervision:  A parent or responsible teen must be with Basque student at all times.  This often means that there is a stay-at-home parent but it can also work great to “team” with another family or single who your student can be with during the day if both parents work.
  3.  Training:  Participate in monthly meetings with other host families in your church.  (April – June; there are two, 2-hour meetings)
  4.  Finances: Hosting a student adds some extra expense for things like food, utilities and activities you may choose to do as a family. These extra funds can be absorbed by the host family or we can help you be creative about how to fund raise the extra expense. Students will bring their own personal spending money and will have travel/medical insurance for the time they are with you.
  5.  Life stage: There is no ideal life stage; newly married, empty-nesters, or anywhere in between!  You will be supported by your coordinator and the other host families in your group.
  6. Activities: There will be several activities throughout the month that will be organized by your coordinator. There may be other activities that get planned impromptu throughout the month, but the pre-planned activities include the following: Orientation, Welcome BBQ, Water Activity, City Tour, Local Cultural Activity, Sporting Event, Farewell dinner

Still interested?

Please get in touch with us for more detailed information on our host family qualifications, and application process so that you or your church can host Basque students.